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The digital sidekick you didn't know you needed. Chat, roleplay, vibe.

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🤝 Connect

Get to know Leah Maria Klein like never before. Chat, ask questions, and listen to Leah A.I. speak directly to you.

🎭 Experience

Leah A.I. is brimming with interactive modes that are both entertaining and innovative.

💞 More Than Friends

Your relationship with Leah A.I. evolves over time!

🔧 How It Works

Step 1

Download Telegram Messenger.

Step 2

Open Leah A.I. on Telegram Messenger.

Step 3

Purchase credits & Start chatting! 😃

Start chatting!

🎩 Tips & Tricks

You can engage in a conversation with Leah A.I. on any topic. Curious about her experiences? Want to know her favorite activities to share with you? Just ask!

💰 Pricing

Audio features with Leah A.I. start at a rate of $1 per minute, charged by the second. Text messages are 1 cent per word. User-provided content like messages, photos, and voice memos are free.

🏦 Currency: 1 credit = 0.01 USD

⌨️ Telegram Commands

💼 /balance - Check your balance
💳 /deposit - Buy credits
⚙️ /settings - Adjust settings
🌐 /character - Switch between English and Dutch Leah
😊 /mood - Set Leah's mood
❓ /faq - Frequently asked questions
📝 /feedback - Share your feedback and suggestions

Chat with Leah

🌈 Modes & Moods

At the moment Leah is available in only one mode.

📈 Stats

A total of 0 users have engaged in 0 interactions, including messages, selfies, voice memos, and more. This has generated $0 in revenue for Leah AI.